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Our desserts are seasonal and change frequently. Please call for our current desserts and pricing.


Bringing your own dessert?

You are welcome to bring in any dessert cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc. 

Please keep in mind: Any dessert brought in will include $1.50 (per guest) fee that will be added to the host's final tab.


Alcohol (Beer, Wine, and Spirits)

Open Bar | Cash Bar | Limited Bar options available

No alcohol from outside of establishment is permitted


Formal Table Linens Available

Please call for pricing

Champagne Toast

Please call for pricing



20% Gratuity will be added to all final tabs

  • Q: What style of food service options are there?
    A: We primarily offer two different options for food service
  • Q: Are dinners decided before arrival for each guest or are they taken on the spot from a limited menu?
    A: The menu selections will be determined by you or whomever is making the menu decision, down to 3 main entrée selections. On the date of the event, the menus will be printed and presented at each guest's place setting on the table. Our waitstaff will meet individually with each guest to receive the entrée order, salad dressing, meat temperature, etc.
  • Q: Will the appetizers be passed around by a server or will they be place on a table?
    A: The appetizers will be stationed at a designated buffet table, close to your group's dinner table(s).
  • Q: Is there a food and beverage minimum?
    A: Typically, most events are required to have a minimum of 20 guests and the event must fall in one of three following food categories: 1.) Served entrees (with or without appetizers) via limited/private menu of 3-4 selected menu items. Everyone must order an entrée. 2.) Buffet/Stations - Our buffet package includes all courses of appetizers, salads, entrees, sides, etc. ($34/guest, etc). Minimum guest count must be at least 20 guests 3.) Heavy Hors D'oeuvres + Bar: This is known as our "Premiere" buffet package. This option is usually most popular with open cocktail parties, social events with general mingling amongst the guests as they roam the room. You are able to mix and match whichever hors d'oeuvres you like with whatever quantity you like. The sum of the food pre-order must reach a minimum of $700.
  • Q: How many guests can the space accommodate?
    A: The space is able to accommodate 100 guests comfortably
  • Q: The restaurant is in charge of setting up and cleaning, correct?
    A: Yes, we'll take care of all the set up and clean up.
  • Q: If we give each person 2 drink tickets, will the bar tender keep track of the actual drink price ordered?
    A: Yes. Drink vouchers/tickets are redeemable for one adult beverage. If needed, we can limit certain types of drinks if you want to avoid them being ordered (Ex: shots, top shelf scotch, etc). Also, the bartender will access the drink voucher for whatever is verbally ordered by the guest (Ex: Rum and coke). The bartender would then add the Rum and coke into the computer, which would appear on your final tab presented at the end. If a guest exhausts all their vouchers and would like to purchase a 3rd drink separately, the bartender would be able to accommodate the guest via a cash/debit/credit payment directly.
  • Q: What bar service options are there?
    A: Most of our drinks (including cocktails, wines, and beers) average between $6-$10. We have several different options for bar service: •Open Bar - No limitations •Open Bar/No Top Shelf - No limitations except top shelf (ex. Glenlivet, McCallan, Woodford, etc) •Liquorless Bar - Beer and Wine Only •Ticketed Bar - Open bar with set # of drinks per guest via tickets or tokens •Cap Bar - A pre-defined amount (ex. $500) would be allotted for bar service. Once the $500 is reached, then the open bar becomes a cash bar, which means each guest pays for their own drinks going forward •Time Limited Bar - Bar open only for a preset duration. If the event starts at 8:45pm, you could say no more drinks past 10:00pm for example
  • Q: What is the pricing for a basic champagne toast?
    A: The pricing per bottle of champagne (Domaine Ste Michelle Brut) is $35.00. The bottles are 750mL which normally would yield four servings of 6oz pours. We can also serve half pours (4oz), which would yield eight servings.
  • Q: When would I need to provide our final guest count?
    A: Final guest count is due ten (10) days prior to the event
  • Q: Is there a deposit to secure the date?
    A: Yes, the deposit is not like a traditional deposit. We do not charge you up front to secure the date. We simply collect a debit/credit information and keep on file in the event of a last minute cancellation or if nobody shows up on the date of the event. At that time, we would run the payment for the amount on the agreement contract, which you'll also receive later on in the process. Think of it more like insurance for the restaurant and waitstaff. The amount will be listed on the agreement contract and will automatically be waived once your group shows up on the event date.
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