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Hostess: Hospitality Training Video

This webinar is designed to give managers, trainers and hosts/hostesses practical, proven ways to greet and interact with guests to make them feel welcome, appreciated and more inclined to return.

Unfortunately, the important role of the host/hostess is often overlooked or underappreciated. In many restaurants, the host/hostess team receives limited training and is made up of the youngest, least experienced people on the staff. This leaves one of the most important parts of the guest experience, the first impression and farewell, essentially up to chance.

To connect positively with guests, hosts/hostesses need training beyond just the technical aspects of their job. They need to understand their MOST important role, making sure guests instantly feel welcome, important and special.

This webinar will show you how to unleash the untapped potential of your host/hostess team to create more positive first and last impressions. By investing in their growth and development, you will improve their confidence, make their jobs more rewarding and improve your guest experience.

What You Will Learn

•The important role of your host/hostess team and the impact they have on the guest experience

•The distinction between service and hospitality

•Developing a winning host/hostess mindset and attitude

•Simple yet powerful practices to create more positive personal connections with guests

•Practical ways to train and coach your ho


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