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Kitchen - Closing Sidework

•Refill all to-go boxes (small, medium, large, salad)

•Stock to-go bags

•Refill napkin basket with rectangular napkins and square beverage napkins. Also, make sure there are square beverage napkins at soup area (for soup plate/bowl).

•Stock kids cups/lids and employee cups/lids

•Refill grenadine squeeze bottle

•Refill wet naps

•Remove all lids from glass condiment bottles (ketchup, A1, Hot Sauce, etc) and soak in hot water, then wipe clean

•Stock additional bottles if needs. The total of each are: Ketchup: 12

A1: 8

Mustard: 8

Hot Sauce: 3

Worcestershire: 3

•Remove any plastic wrappers from new bottles

•Refill oil and vinegar

•Wipe down oil and vinegar bottles and caddy

•Refill sweetener caddies (white, yellow, pink)

-If sweetener basket is almost empty, refill from basement stock

•Stock souffle cups/ramekins and lids (both 4oz and 2oz)

•Restock hot tea display box

•Wipe all shelves

•Stock glass coffee mugs

•Stock coffee (grounds) bags, both regular and decaf and coffee filters

•Stock iced tea (grounds) bags and iced tea filters

•Stock all clean pint glasses from dish pit to soda area

•Stock straws/pitcher and ensure there is at least 1 box of straws as backup

•Wipe soda machine

•Wipe coffee maker

•Wipe iced tea maker

-Wipe around and below appliances/machines

•Wipe all drink serving trays (small and large)

-Allow to airdry for 20 mins

•Wipe all food serving trays (small and large) -Stack/alternate them upside down and rotate. Allow to airdry for 20 mins.

•Stock crackers/saltines drawer and shortcut basket above soup bowls

•Organizer all contents of shelves to appear neat and orderly •Wipe inside and outside of microwave

Carry Out Station (Added 7/1/2023) Wipe inside and outside of microwave, including spinning glass plate. •Stock 3 stacks soup cups •Stock 3 stacks soup lids

•Stock plastic utensils

•Stock at least 1/2 stack small boxes lined w/ aluminum foil •Stock at least 1/2 stack medium boxes lined w/ aluminum foil •Stock at least 1/2 stack large boxes lined w/ aluminum foil •Stock 1 batch of plastic carry out bags

•Stock 20 brown paper bags

•Stock 1 box of aluminum foil. Stock backup if primary aluminum foil box is near empty


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