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Salad Bar - Closing Sidework

•Flip and fill salad dressings, bleu cheese crumbles, olives

•Fill olive oil bottle and oregano shaker. Also, wipe down both with sanitizer cloth

•Refill and cover croutons. Stock replacement bag by bread baskets

•Place lettuce (iceberg and romaine) in plastic food storage tote and fill with water, ensuring all lettuce is submerged in water. Place in walk-in refrigerator (rear kitchen)

•Stock salad bowls under salad bar

•Stock both 4oz and 2oz dressing cups (ramekins) and matching lids on top of salad bar

•Replace cleaned lettuce storage totes

•Backups under salad bar: Grape leaves



Shredded Parmesan Cheese (2 on weekends)


Feta Cheese (if none left, inform kitchen line cooks so they know for the next morning)

Tomatoes (uncut)

Cucumbers (uncut)

Refill Raspberry Viniagrette

•Remove long cutting board and take to dish pit

•Cover all open containers (veggies, olives, feta, dressings, cheese, etc) with plastic lids

•Wipe down entire interior and exterior of salad bar

•Clean the sink to the left of the salad bar

•Organize containers, dishes, etc below to appear orderly

•Organize containers, olive oil, dressing cups baskets, etc on top to appear orderly


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