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Upstairs Kitchen - Closing Sidework

If upstairs is closed the following day: •Send down all refrigerated items that were brought up at the beginning of the shift:

Sour cream


Cocktail Sauce

Butter pads


Anything else in salad bar

•Unplug salad bar

**If upstairs is open on the following day, you may leave the items mentioned above in the running salad bar**

•Wipe down salad bar (interior and exterior)

•Wipe down cutting board. Remove cutting board and wipe other if necessary

•Organize top of salad bar to appear neat and orderly:

Bread baskets

Folded bread basket linen

Soufflé cups

•Turn off bread drawer/warmer (1st drawer)

•Clean out the bread drawer aluminum pan

•Stock 2nd drawer (Always keep this drawer off/storage only):

2 Regular Coffee Bags

2 Decaf Coffee Bags

Small Stack of Coffee Filters

Assorted Hot Tea Packets

20+ Saltines

•Turn off coffee maker

•Empty used coffee filter/grounds then wash at sink

•Empty all coffee pots then wash at sink

•Wipe down coffee maker, especially the warmer plate.

•Tilt coffee maker up/back to wipe underneath

•Remove all items from aluminum shelves (except top shelf)

•Wipe all shelves

•Remove all bus pans from cart and send down to dish

•Wipe down cart

•Wipe down sink basins and flat counterspace

•Ensure nothing is in sink (old fruit, straws, liquid, etc)

Stock: 1 stack small boxes

1 stack medium boxes

1 stack large boxes

6 stacks bread plates

3 stacks saucer plates

10 ketchups (remove plastic wrapper)

10 A1

5 Mustard

2 Hot Sauce

2 Worcestershire

2oz Soufflé cups + lids

4oz Soufflé cups + lids

Rectangular napkins

Square beverage napkins (white)

Soup cups + lids

To-go bags

2 stacks kids cups + lids

2 stacks employee cups + lids

1 container of straws + 1 backup box of straws

16 coffee mugs

8 creamer cups

Refill all sweetener caddies

If sweeter basket is low, refill it from the basement

Paper towels

Sanitizer towels

Sanitizer tablets

Garbage bags

•Wipe all shelves in dumbwaiter (Food lift). Make sure it's empty after you send it down and are finished with it for the shift.

•Close ice bin cover/lid

•Sweep floor

•Recharge all walkie talkies

•Turn off light

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